City Nature Challenge 2020 Starts Today

Use iNaturalist to document nature in your neighborhood from 4/24-4/27!

Following city and county guidelines, get outside and make observations from your neighborhood!

The City Nature Challenge is an international event where everyone and anyone is encouraged to make as many or as few observations from their local environment using the free app, iNaturalist! This can include photos of plants, recordings of bird calls, up-close shots of fungi, and tons more. Unlike previous years, the CNC 2020 is no longer a competition but instead an opportunity to showcase what lives in our urban environments. Following CDC guidelines, participants are encouraged to make observations from their local neighborhoods.

iNaturalist is a free app and website that allows folks to upload their observations and help their fellow community scientists identify organisms they’ve shared. All that’s needed is an internet connection and a camera (cell phone cameras are perfect!) to share. Create a free account online, grab your water bottles, and get outside! Be sure to join the CALeDNA Project for us to see what our community scientists are up to. Remember that your observations not only give you a chance to brag about your cities, but they give us valuable data and help us design our future projects.

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